It Gets Better Canada launches youth grants to support 2SLGBTQ+ students

The US $10,000 grants aim to fund school and youth-led projects that are inclusive of sexually and gender diverse students

Why It Matters

Sexually and gender diverse youth in Canada are reported to be more prone to bullying and experiencing suicidal thoughts. Since most youth spend time in primary and secondary schools across the country, studies recommend making schools more inclusive towards 2SLGBTQ+ students to reduce the harm they experience.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"It Gets Better Canada launches youth grants to support 2SLGBTQ+ students. \u00a0 \u00a0 This independent journalism \u200b\u200bis made possible by the Future of Good editorial fellowship covering inclusion and anti-racism in the social impact world, supported by the World Education Services (WES) Mariam Assefa Fund. See our editorial ethics and standards here. Content warning: This story mentions violence against 2SLGTBQ+ people and suicidal ideation. When the U.S.-based It Gets Better Project first launched as a video campaign in 2010, it was in response to the suicides of teenagers who were bullied for being gay or perceived to be gay. Thirteen years later, the project\u2019s work is perhaps as relevant as ever \u2014\u00a0with 2SLGBTQ+ comm

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