Tired of “siloed” conversations, Justice Fund protest brings disbursement quota advocacy to the street

Advocacy both for and against a disbursement quota hike has mostly taken place within the sector, and not engaged the public — until now

Why It Matters

Grassroots groups and community-led organizations receive miniscule percentages of Canadian philanthropic dollars. Many in the philanthropic and charitable sectors want to change that — but the question of how remains.

This story is part of the Future of Good editorial fellowship covering the social impact world’s rapidly changing funding models, supported by Community Foundations of Canada and United Way Centraide Canada.

On Thursday, the Justice Fund hosted a demonstration at Toronto’s city hall, calling on Canadian charities to “move the money” and stop “hoarding” more than $85 billion in resources. 

“We’re tired of these pompous, self-serving, pseudo-intellectuals within the philanthropic community [who] feed us virtue signaling and incrementalism,” said Yonis Hassan, CEO of the Justice Fund, a Toronto-based organization. 

“With 1.4 million Canadians working in the charitable sector and 86,000 charities in this country, we believe in our collective ability to solve these crises only if the philanthropic sector mo


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