Letter from the Publisher: Let’s not try to solve the crisis just yet.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"Letter from the Publisher: Let\u2019s not try to solve the crisis just yet.. Let\u2019s not try to solve the crisis just yet.\u00a0 In the last week, a number of provinces have announced phased reopening plans after COVID-19 shutdowns and some, like New Brunswick, are already transitioning to reopening. In Europe, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy have announced when and how they intend to loosen restrictions. In China, Beijing's parks and museums, including the ancient Forbidden City, reopened to the public last Friday after being closed for months. In Canada, conversations are emerging and projects are launching to already start advocating for recovery solutions \u2014 from universal basic income to domestic agricultural production.\u00a0 It\u2019s

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