The pandemic has changed social impact. Here’s what we’re watching in 2021.

As 2020 wraps up, Future of Good CEO and publisher Vinod Rajasekaran and editor Kylie Adair sat down to reflect on what we’ve learned, and the big shifts in the social impact world we’re anticipating next year.

Vinod: Is the social impact sector ready to step up to after-COVID (AC) era societal needs? Is the sector prepared to help realize the potential of an AC era society?

One of the most resonant messages for me from the 2020 Future of Good Summit was that every turbulence, including this pandemic, has two sides: approaches that may become obsolete, that we need to let go of, and the approaches that are about to emerge. 

On one hand, it was fascinating to see how quickly the social impact world could transition — from remote work and digital social services to trust-based philanthropy and championing anti-racism. 

On the other hand, there

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