Local organizations are doing the vast majority of aid work in Ukraine — but receiving just 0.003 percent of global funding: new report

A new report by two UK-based organizations suggests the international aid sector’s efforts at localizing their work may be lip service

Why It Matters

16 million people have so far been displaced from their homes, struggling to survive, or are otherwise in need of immediate humanitarian assistance. This is a highly publicized crisis that’s captured much of the world’s attention — unlike other ongoing wars and humanitarian crises around the world. And the international aid sector’s efforts at localizing their work may be lip service.

A new report paints a grim picture of the international humanitarian response to the Ukraine crisis. 

Published by the United Kingdom Humanitarian Innovation Hub and consultancy Humanitarian Outcomes, the report found, among other things, “For the first six weeks post-invasion, virtually all humanitarian aid inside Ukraine was [organized] and implemented by local actors.” But local organizations within the country received just 0.003 percent of the funds raised globally for the crisis as of May 2022 — that’s just $4.4 million in direct funding of the total over $1 billion raised globally. By comparison, UN agencies received a whopping 71 percent.

The report found that international actors have been slow to use those funds to help Ukrainians. 

International organizations “could not provide rapid infusions of resou

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