Mastercard Foundation makes historic $500 million commitment to Indigenous education. Will it be Indigenous-led?

Mastercard Foundation’s pledge is likely the largest-ever private philanthropic commitment to support Indigenous communities in Canadian history.

Why It Matters

Less than 1 percent of all philanthropic donations in Canada support Indigenous charities. A new donation commitment of $500 million could provide a dramatic boost to the capacity of a cohort of Indigenous initiatives across the country.

Mastercard Foundation’s office, located at 250 Yonge St. in Toronto in Sept. 2021 (Google Images) 

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On Tuesday, the Mastercard Foundation, Canada’s only ‘mega foundation’, pledged $500 million to support Indigenous education, employment and entrepreneurship initiatives across the country. 

The funding, offered through the foundation’s “EleV” program, aims to support 100,000 Indigenous young people with their education and career goals,

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