McConnell Foundation is creating $2 million in funds for a post-pandemic world

Emergency response and long-term support

Why It Matters

Access to emergency funding has been a top priority for many in the social impact sector over the past two weeks. But the sector will feel the impacts of COVID-19 long after social distancing ends. Here’s how the McConnell Foundation is already working on funding for a post-pandemic world.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread across Canada, the effects it is already having on communities, from increased demand on services to fewer donations to reduced staff, have left the social impact sector concerned. 

Fortunately, Canada’s $82 billion stimulus package does include support for non-profits, social enterprises, and charities. But Canadian foundations are now stepping up to support the field as well — one being Montreal-based McConnell Foundation, which announced a $2 million fund to assist non-profit

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