Meet 4 Innovative Organizations Transforming Canada’s North

Winners of the Arctic Inspiration Prize are transforming the North.

Why It Matters

Canada’s Arctic is leading the way on a number of innovations that enhance lives. Every year, the Arctic Inspiration Prize awards funding to projects by the North, for the North. This innovative prize approach uses a non-traditional funding model to support and accelerate Arctic-led projects — and these four previous prize winners show that the model is working.

From life jackets to kayaks, Inuit ideas and ingenuity continue to shape Canada and the world. An immense territory, the Canadian Arctic is home to a growing population of over 100,000 northern Canadians, with a majority of Indigenous peoples with a millennial history and rich culture. Today, technological shifts, demographic shifts, environmental shifts, economic shifts, and others are transforming Inuit communities. Addressing the challenges and seizing the opportunities of accelerating changes in culture, technology and economy require creative approaches, including mobilizing innovations from past and present to shape an inspiring future.

Organizations in Northern Canada are expanding their innovative community work through the Arctic Inspiration Prize, which distributes up to $3 million annually to teams who are using Arctic knowledge, from traditional to scientific, to

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