My top 3 leadership lessons in 2020

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"My top 3 leadership lessons in 2020. Entrepreneurship is damn hard. Social entrepreneurship is damn hard \u2014\u00a0times ten. Even on a before-COVID day. So this year, I reflected a lot on the question, \u2018What is courage?\u2019 and \u2018What does it mean to be courageous?\u2019 After many months of holding this question, what I\u2019ve arrived at is that courage, for me, is to be able to make a home there in the unknown. It is about finding joy in living dangerously. In many ways, this is what the new reality requires of those leading ventures, teams and organizations. In my 2019 annual lessons letter, I wrote, \u201cThe world has a huge to-do list, and the 2020s is the last decade we have to demonstrate to the next generation that we give a damn about

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