Neighbourhood association launches technology lending library in east Toronto.

When the Centre for Social Innovation exited the Regent Park neighbourhood earlier this year, the Regent Park Neighborhood Association stepped in to pick up the pieces. However, questions remain about ongoing funding for community projects.

Why It Matters

Technology lending libraries – where community members can borrow hardware and access the internet – are helping to overcome the digital divide. But they are a relatively new type of organization. How can their impact be measured in the short and long term, and how can they continue to advocate for funding?

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Growing up in Toronto’s Regent Park neighbourhood, Abdirahman Mohamed remembers sharing a slow internet plan with his large family. 

“I had ten members in my family, and we were sharing an internet plan where we had ten megabits-per-second,” he says. 

When the family recently transitioned to a gigabit-per-second internet plan, the difference in speed was immediately noticeable. 

The story is the same for many families in the neighbourho

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