How Embracing Opposing Outlooks Can Bring Us Future Opportunities

Finding the answers in the "and" of the equation

Why It Matters

Black and white perspectives, binaries, polarization: for impact-focused leaders, these traps can be everywhere, but according to McConnell Foundation Senior Fellow Allyson Hewitt, future opportunities can be found at the intersection of seemingly opposing outlooks.

I have come to believe in, embrace, enjoy, and be enveloped by the beauty and opportunity of the word “and.” This is hard when the world really wants you to pick a side — even in our social purpose world. Every day, we are asked to choose between for-profit or not-for-profit, making money or making an impact, providing a social service or working for systems change.

However, I increasingly reject “or” and choose “and.”

The choice is particularly hard at this moment in our history, where we are suffering from extreme polarization.

For many of us, this includes our experience in school. You majored in either Arts or Sciences or Business. You hung out with the people in your program because they thought the same way you did. As we progress through life, these stratifications can begin to replicate thems

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