Non-profit fundraising is uncertain in the face of COVID-19. These tips will keep you on track.

Insights from an industry leader

Why It Matters

In the midst of a lot of uncertainty in the non-profit world, dig into these practical insights from a leader in fundraising — Nejeed Kassam, founder of fast-growing fundraising platform Keela. If you’re looking to up your fundraising game in the coming weeks and months, these tips will be helpful.

Nejeed Kassam has a unique vantage point in the non-profit world. The company he founded, Keela, offers non-profits a digital platform to organize, strategize, and execute their fundraising efforts. That means Kassam spends his days thinking deeply about how non-profits raise money, and how they can do it more efficiently. That is front and centre during the COVID-19 crisis.

But Keela wasn’t originally meant to be a fundraising platform. Kassam originally envisioned it as a project management tool that would help people working in non-profits collaborate to build programming. 

After putting out a beta version and testing it among those doing the work day-to-day, he soon found that collaboration wasn’t their biggest problem in need of solving. It was capacity — the ability to manage fundraising tasks on a daily basis. “We went and talked to hundreds of o

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