Ontario government abruptly ends youth funding program, leaving non-profits in lurch

“The issue we have with the ministry is the way in which they managed the end of the agreement.”

Why It Matters

Many funders have adopted trust-based philanthropy principles in recent years, working to respect grantees as equal partners, while providing clear and transparent communication. But a group of non-profits say the Ontario government and a private foundation failed to uphold this standard earlier this year — and that youth are the ones who will suffer.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"Ontario government abruptly ends youth funding program, leaving non-profits in lurch. Youth-serving organizations say the Ontario government pulled the rug out from under them when it abruptly ended a years\u2019 long support program \u2014 a blow that was compounded by how a private foundation chose to break the news to participants. Last winter, dozens of social sector organizations learned the provincial government did not renew its contract with the Laidlaw Foundation, a private entity, to fund a youth collective impact program known as Youth CI, which supported groups of organizations working together to develop collaborative, youth-focused projects.\u00a0 While funders regularly change priorities, Justin Ford, a member of a collaborative supported b

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