Organizations call for more aid to Afghanistan, amidst a crisis for women and girls

The sanctions against Afghanistan has caused an estimated $84.5 million worth of aid resources and projects with delivery challenges

Why It Matters

With less humanitarian aid flowing to Afghanistan, women continue to have fewer work options than men, eat less, and must consider desperate measures such as selling their daughters into marriage to be able to afford basic needs.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"Organizations call for more aid to Afghanistan, amidst a crisis for women and girls. This journalism is made possible by the Future of Good editorial fellowship on women\u2019s economic resilience, supported by Scotiabank. See our editorial ethics and standards here. Photo by Wanman Uthmaniyyah on Unsplash It\u2019s been about one year since the Taliban occupied the Afghanistan government and two months since the 5.9 magnitude earthquake in Afghanistan and Pakistan .\u00a0 Nearly half of Afghanistan\u2019s population are without food, girls cannot attend school, and women are being restricted from work. \u00a0 And Canadian humanitarian organizations are struggling to find ways to intervene. On the ground, one of CARE Afghanistan\u2019s women an

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