Eight social purpose sector leaders on what Doug Ford should do right now for Ontarians

Leaders share what Ford should prioritize, veto, or change from his campaign promises over the next three months

Why It Matters

Doug Ford made a number of promises to the province’s people leading up to his re-election that could help Ontarians recover quickly from the health, social, and financial crisis we’re still in — or set them back even further, say eight experts.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"Eight social purpose sector leaders on what Doug Ford should do right now for Ontarians. Doug Ford\u2019s Progressive Conservative Party won another majority government in Ontario June 6.\u00a0 In the weeks and months leading up to that day, Ford made several promises to people across the province \u2014\u00a0better rural broadband access, more funding for mental health services, and tax credits for low income Ontarians were among the social policy promises he made. Of course, he also made some promises that were not met with praise by everyone, like to build two new major highways in the GTA.\u00a0 As Ford heads into another term of a majority government, we asked social purpose sector leaders across the province for one campaign promise of his they\

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