‘The basic foundation of our democracy is our humanity’: An in-depth conversation with Celina Caesar-Chavannes

Caesar-Chavannes on inclusion and anti-racism, sharing her story as a Black woman in Canadian politics, and more

Why It Matters

It’s been over half a year since 2020’s renewed attention to the Black Lives Matter movement, and important conversations have begun, but true, systemic change in Canadian politics, policy, and civil society has yet to come to fruition.

Celina Caesar-Chavannes’s new book has a powerful name: Can You Hear Me Now?

“I am ready to tell my story,’ Caesar-Chavannes wrote on Twitter. “It’s unapologetic. It’s uninhibited. It’s unafraid. It’s authentic. It’s vulnerable. It’s truth.”

As a former Member of Parliament, Caesar-Chavannes has moved critical conversations forward. She’s been vocal about the racism she’s experienced as a Black woman in politics, systemic racism in Canadian public policy, and the urgent need for Canadians to engage with their political systems. 

Future of Good publisher Vinod Rajasekaran sat down with Caesar-Chavannes to learn about her career, her visions for the future of Canada, building an anti-racist social impact world, and more.

Vinod Rajasekaran: A lot has transpired since COVID arrived, and certainly since the killing of Ge

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