Rebirthing an Indigenous Economy

This time, Indigenous peoples’ voices will be part of the conversation

Why It Matters

Canadian Indigenous people are systemically excluded from the economy, often lacking resources needed to generate opportunity and wealth. With reconciliation on the forefront of everyone’s minds, now is the perfect time to reimagine inclusion in the Canadian economy.

Canada has clearly come to an inflection point in its relationship to Indigenous people. You can’t go anywhere without a (rightful) land acknowledgement and without hearing about the importance of reconciliation.

Regardless of the talk, Canadian Indigenous people are still struggling to remove the barriers they face towards economic inclusion, growth, and wealth because the system has yet to change.

Indigenous entrepreneurs are no different; they don’t have access to the same resources, be it capital, capacity, or connections, as their non-Indigenous counterparts. It’s high time that changed.

The raven is central to rebirth and transformation in Indigenous cultures. We chose it as our namesake at Raven Indigenous Capital Partners specifically because that is what we are driving towards: a transformation that resu


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