Rebirthing an Indigenous Economy

This time, Indigenous peoples’ voices will be part of the conversation

Why It Matters

Canadian Indigenous people are systemically excluded from the economy, often lacking resources needed to generate opportunity and wealth. With reconciliation on the forefront of everyone’s minds, now is the perfect time to reimagine inclusion in the Canadian economy.

Canada has clearly come to an inflection point in its relationship to Indigenous people. You can’t go anywhere without a (rightful) land acknowledgement and without hearing about the importance of reconciliation.

Regardless of the talk, Canadian Indigenous people are still struggling to remove the barriers they face towards economic inclusion, growth, and wealth because the system has yet to change.

Indigenous entrepreneurs are no different; they don’t have access to the same resources, be it capital, capacity, or connections, as their non-Indigenous counterparts. It’s high time that changed.

The raven is central to rebirth and transformation in Indigenous cultures. We chose it as our namesake at Raven Indigenous Capital Partners specifically because that is what we are driving towards: a transformation that results in the re-emergence of a strong Indigenous economy.

We want to breathe life into a prosperous future for Indigenous peoples in Canada.

As Canada’s first Indigenous financial intermediary, we use impact investing and strong relationships in the Indigenous community to help Indigenous social entrepreneurs get ahead and to help investors benefit from the power of impact investing.

Raven is Indigenous-led and we look for long-term impact. We want to empower Indigenous social entrepreneurs with the skills, knowledge, and capital they need to succeed. We work with entrepreneurs to help them get investment-ready and we broker the relationships between community and investors.

An Indigenous economy

There are new ways to invest in social change and impact investing has become a hot topic recently.

Raven is currently focused on the promise of community-driven outcomes contracts, which are innovative financial tools that enable delivery agents to focus on what they do best, ensure their activities are funded up front and that their effectiveness is rewarded, creating sustainable interventions to solve pressing social and environmental problems.

Currently, the Raven team is working on an Indigenous clean energy outcomes contract with award-winning social enterprise Aki Energy that will bring renewable and sustainable energy, as well as crucial capacity building, to several Indigenous communities in Manitoba.

Raven Capital Partners has started to look at other solutions to problems Indigenous communities face.

Our foundation will be hosting an Indigenous Diabetes Solutions Lab with communities and health care experts in 2019. It’s a social innovation lab to determine the best approach to diabetes interventions in Indigenous communities.

Our work with clean energy is only going to expand. We’re just getting started on the journey to a revived Indigenous economy and a flourishing Indigenous population.