Record 14.3 million volunteer hours recorded by Benevity clients in 2022

Some new clients logged upwards of 380,000 hours in their first year; existing clients also saw volunteer hours increase by 61 per cent

Why It Matters

Non-profits, charities and social purpose organizations across Canada are grappling with volunteer shortages. Engaging new volunteers in the workplace could help reinforce a sector grappling with a shortage of human resources.

Volunteerism across Canada has plummeted to record lows, but one area might be bucking the trend. Benevity, a charitable donation-management and grant-management platform with nearly 1,000 corporate clients, recorded a record 14.3 million volunteer hours in 2022.

“Companies are leaning into volunteering to solve a lot of challenges that they’re currently faced with,” said Benevity’s chief impact officer, Sona Khosla. “Number one? Getting people back into the office.”

With many companies implementing hybrid work models that see staff spend some of their time working from home, volunteering can build cohesion, create meaningful connections between colleagues and make work more enjoyable, Khosla said. 

“It’s not enough to just say, ‘Hey, come back and work from the office,’” she said.

“So I think it’s the business conte

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