Full video: Reimagining Elder Care—2020 Future of Good Summit

Seniors living in long-term care homes account for about 80 percent of COVID-19-related deaths. The inequities in elder care have prompted a reckoning. Elder care needed to change since well before coronavirus. Now, after a horrific crisis, it finally might. From digital health to new types of physical living environments and delivering home care, the future of aging is rapidly changing in the post-pandemic era.

What solutions are creatively transforming family care, home care, and seniors’ lifestyles? What can the social services world learn from the world of health and vice versa? And more importantly, what kind of a caring society do we want post-pandemic?

Speakers: Diane Roussin, Director, Winnipeg Boldness; Dr.Sarah Schulman, Founder, InWithForward; Shirlee Sharkey, CEO, SE Health

Moderator: Jacky Habib, Writer, Future of Good


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