This organization will fund activists of colour to do nothing but rest for four months

Youth-led climate justice organization Shake Up The Establishment is launching Rest, Recovery and Resistance: BIPOC Community Organizers Fellowship Program in summer 2022

Why It Matters

Research shows burnout and mental illness rates are high among activists, particularly those with lived experience with the oppression they’re working to fight. Rest is essential for sustaining social movements long-term.

This summer, a group of Black, Indigenous and people of colour climate activists in Toronto will get fellowship positions to spend four months resting. That’s the entire assignment. 

Shake Up The Establishment (SUTE), a pan-Canadian, youth-led climate justice organization is launching a new fellowship program called Rest, Recovery and Resistance: BIPOC Community Organizers Fellowship Program. 

Fellows will be organizers of colour of all kinds — from those who organize protests to those who organize sustainable agriculture education. Funded by Patagonia Toronto, the fellowship programming will include hikes, communal dinners, and free counseling, but SUTE’s founder Manvi Bhalla says they’ll co-design programming with the fellows, so that each fellowship is tailored to what rest and recovery look like to its particular participant. 

As climate ch

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