Robust youth sport critical to community development, founder says

Motion Ball Sports founder Chris Campbell provides lived experience to the youth who take part in the program

Why It Matters

Inclusive youth sports organizations can give youth a place to belong, but volunteers need to be engaged and diverse to attract racialized and immigrant communities. Giving youth an opportunity to participate in sport helps prevent them from engaging in other risky behaviours, including gang involvement and substance abuse.

It’s 25 kilometres from North Kipling Junior Middle School (NKJMS) to the Scotiabank Arena as the crow flies, but far closer in the imagination of the young Motion Ball Sports (MBS) athletes sweating on the school’s hardwood. It’s not an impossible dream – two players from Rexdale are currently in the NBA. Delano Banton’s number with the Toronto Raptors honours the 45 Kipling bus he rode, and on this night, Eugene Omoruyi’s Washington Wizards were visiting the Philadelphia Sixers.

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