Never before has it been clearer — health care is social impact work

The pandemic is revealing much about Canada’s culture of care. Neighbourhoods are coming together to form mutual aid groups, citizens are delivering food to frontline workers, and family togetherness is being realized, strengthened, and advocated more than ever before. Without a doubt, our culture of care is stronger than ever.

But what about Canada’s pre-existing systems of care? The inequalities in elder care, the gaps in digital health, effects of isolation and loneliness, and new types of physical living environments have now been brought to light by COVID-19. 

How will elder care reform post-pandemic? How might we address people’s needs without compartments of health care and social care? How can the extraordinary, new culture of mutual aid be built into our systems? 

We’re excited to explore solutions that are creatively transforming all types of care — from family, home, to seniors’ lifestyles — with SE Health, a visionary partner for the 2020 Future of Good Summit. We’ll kick off with digital stories to dive into how the worlds of social services and health care can come together for lasting impact. We will also continue the digital conversation in early 2021 to explore ways of understanding community transformations and collaborations for an equitable, safe and healthy future of aging. 

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