Scorecard: Does budget 2021 give us the social safety net we need? Social impact leaders weigh in

14 leaders give the budget a score from one to 10, based on the quality of social safety net it proposes

Why It Matters

COVID-19 has tested Canada’s social safety nets, and many would say they’ve failed that test. Historically oppressed and marginalized communities have fallen deeper into poverty and marginalization. The budget provides a roadmap for how the federal government plans to change this reality.

The federal budget received a lot of buzz this week. 

Many called it historic, and having been tabled by the country’s first woman finance minister was only part of the reason for that. The government framed the budget as a map to pandemic recovery, and made big investments in child care and other social services. 

But beyond the headline numbers, what do the people working in the social sector really think of the budget? More specifically, do they think it sets the country up with a strong enough social safety net for a post-pandemic reality? We asked 14 social impact leaders that very question — and to give the budget a rating out of 10. Here’s what they told us:


Adam Spence | CEO, SVX Score: 8/10

I’m happy to see… 

Social innovation made headlines in this budget.  Alongside

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