How these two SheEO-supported companies are changing the way we think about sustainability

Innovative products and services that shift global mindsets

Why It Matters

In ten years, the Sustainable Development Goals expire. To achieve them, some deeply ingrained consumer and corporate mindsets need to shift — in a big way. Meet two companies changing the way we think about their respective industries, and learn about the organization amplifying their work.

Next week, on March 9 and 10, women from around the world will gather in Toronto for the first-ever SheEO Global Summit. SheEO is an organization that funds and supports women-led companies creating a better world. The model brings together 500 women, called Activators, who each contribute $1100 to a fund that is loaned out at zero percent interest to innovative ventures, selected by the Activators. 

The global summit’s theme is The idea is that “collectively, we have everything we need” — the global social impact community already has the resources we need to tackle the world’s most pressing problems. What we need to do now is reorganize the systems

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