Six big ideas to modernize Canada’s charitable and non-profit sector

As government officials plan the Community Services Recovery Fund, Future of Good spoke with social impact professionals about what a more modern and resilient sector looks like to them.

Why It Matters

Modernization could mean a more digitally-savvy, better-funded, and more equitable non-profit and charitable sector capable of taking on the biggest challenges of the post-COVID era.

Buried at the bottom of page 207 in the latest federal budget is a promise to Canada’s social impact sector: a $400 million Community Services Recovery Fund to help and charities and non-profits “adapt and modernize” to support Canada’s post-pandemic recovery. 

Except the budget never defines ‘sector modernization.’ 

How could it? The concept sprawls across HR practices in the sector, digital strategy for non-profits, government regulations on charitable donations, and many other critical issues. Yet social impact professionals are already considering how to overcome these challenges — and the Community Services Recovery Fund, though still a work in progress, may be a major part of the solution.

Future of Good spoke with five social impact professionals and asked them to define what modernizing the sector looks like to them:


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