Six big ideas to modernize Canada’s charitable and non-profit sector

As government officials plan the Community Services Recovery Fund, Future of Good spoke with social impact professionals about what a more modern and resilient sector looks like to them.

Why It Matters

Modernization could mean a more digitally-savvy, better-funded, and more equitable non-profit and charitable sector capable of taking on the biggest challenges of the post-COVID era.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"Six big ideas to modernize Canada\u2019s charitable and non-profit sector. Buried at the bottom of page 207 in the latest federal budget is a promise to Canada\u2019s social impact sector: a $400 million Community Services Recovery Fund to help and charities and non-profits \u201cadapt and modernize\u201d to support Canada\u2019s post-pandemic recovery.\u00a0 Except the budget never defines \u2018sector modernization.\u2019\u00a0 How could it? The concept sprawls across HR practices in the sector, digital strategy for non-profits, government regulations on charitable donations, and many other critical issues. Yet social impact professionals are already considering how to overcome these challenges \u2014 and the Community Services Recovery Fund, though sti

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