What you missed: Six bold takeaways from the 2020 Future of Good Summit

The social impact world needs to get on the same page about a few critical issues when it comes to rebuilding and recovery

Why It Matters

The social impact world is at a crossroads: rebuild in the image of a pre-pandemic sector, or use this moment to reimagine its very purpose, how it's funded, and how it operates. The 2020 Future of Good Summit brought together purpose-oriented professionals and entrepreneurs from across Canada to explore exactly how to make it happen.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"What you missed: Six bold takeaways from the 2020 Future of Good Summit. From elder care to climate action, we explored big and pressing social transformations at the 2020 Future of Good Summit. Speakers came from an array of backgrounds, from public policy to research to frontline social services. The audience came from across Canada \u2014 from Vancouver Island and Yukon to Sault Ste Marie and Newfoundland. They were from the federal public service, philanthropic foundations, corporate citizenship teams, social service agencies, impact investing firms, post-secondary institutions, social enterprises, co-operatives, and nonprofits of various kinds. This mix mirrors the major takeaway: cross-sector collaboration is the only way the social impact world \u2014\u0

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