Canada’s Social Finance Fund: What Now?

A Future of Good Special Report

Scheduled for this year is a major turning point for Canada’s social finance market — the launch of the Social Finance Fund. 

Two years ago, the Government of Canada announced the fund, $755 million over 10 years, meant to power innovative approaches to our country’s persistent and complex social challenges. Social purpose organizations will apply for funding, which will be matched by non-government investors seeking to support innovative projects — this could generate up to $2 billion in economic activity, and help create as many as 100,000 jobs over the next decade, according to the Social Finance Fund. 

Enter: a global pandemic, and a moment of introspection, responsibility, and opportunity for the Social Finance Fund.

What should the new purpose of the fund be? How might it support the social finance ecosystem — and therefore communities — to build back better? What kinds of economic activity and jobs should the fund create as part of recovery? How might the fund complement and leverage governmental relief and recovery stimulus efforts? 

How should the ecosystem get ready?

Featuring data stories, analysis, commentary, and interviews, this special report takes an in-depth look at the social finance marketplace in a time of economic and societal recovery. It shines a light on philanthropic and corporate opportunities, building stronger intermediaries — and explores where the fund will and won’t be most useful. 

Canada’s Social Finance Fund: What Now? launches June 10.

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