How do we transform social purpose spaces after a pandemic? Here are five bold ideas.

Rethinking the Commons, making social purpose spaces for everyone, and measuring impact all came up in Future of Good’s latest #BuildBackBetter webinar

Why It Matters

Community spaces will play a key role in facilitating a recovery from COVID-19. Yet they have the potential to not only rebuild, but also reshape our relationships to each other and the natural environment. Four leaders offer their visions for this future.

COVID-19 is reshaping our very understanding of space.

Office buildings have been hollowed out by physical distancing measures and the threat of rising infection rates. So, too, have social purpose spaces – from soup kitchens to shelters to employment training programs – who struggle to deliver services in person. 

As the pandemic ends and life slowly begins to return to normal, what will social purpose spaces look like in a new reality? And perhaps more importantly, what opportunities exist for these spaces to not only assist in community recovery, but rebuild communities in a green, inclusive, and equitable way?

Future of Good sat down with four leading experts on social purpose spaces as part of August 25’s #BuildBackBetter webinar. Here are five key takeaways when it comes to transforming and positioning social purpose spaces to support recover

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