The new government has its work cut out for it on boosting social services. Nine leaders in this sector share what matters most right now.

Leaders in Canada’s social services sector share one big issue they felt didn’t get enough airtime this election period — but should be a priority for the Liberal government

Why It Matters

Social service organizations have unique insight into communities’ needs and issues across the country — and communities are hurting, still, as COVID-19’s cascading effects continue.

Social service providers — the food banks, employment centres, newcomer support agencies, and more — of Canada have had a front-row seat to the social and economic devastation COVID-19 has brought communities across the country. 

These organizations watched closely to see what promises Canadian politicians made during this election period. For many, this brought disappointment; barely any of the aspiring leaders of the country mentioned the massive challenges they’re working to solve.

Future of Good asked nine leaders working in frontline social services: What’s something that didn’t get nearly enough airtime during the election, but should be top priority post-election. Here’s what they told us.


Refugees and newcomers need access to jobs

“As an immigrant and refugee serving agency, what did not receive as mu


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