States of Change’s Learning Festival Weekly Digest: Unconventional cooperation is the future

Creativity in pandemic relief and recovery

Why It Matters

The COVID-19 pandemic and the global protest against racism and police brutality are demanding deep changes to our political and social systems. The Learning Festival, from States of Change, is sharing lessons on how to make this kind of change happen, from public innovation thinkers and actors around the world. In week one, we learned that now is the time to harness unconventional ways of working together, from collaborating with political enemies to closing down defunct organizations.

The global context for States of Change’s Learning Festival could hardly be more extreme. Panthea Lee, the executive director of Reboot and a session leader, has been spending most of her recent days organizing and protesting in Brooklyn, New York, with police helicopters circling the city. Chris Eccles, a senior bureaucrat in the Victoria government in Australia, has been helping to lead the state’s efforts to fight a pandemic.

With this backdrop, the Learning Festival is sharing insights about public innovation from leading thinkers and actors around the world. This week, the major lesson shared by the sessions was that people and organizations need to work together in unconventional ways and, in doing so, embrace the fact that the ways we


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