Social impact organizations need a positive narrative in 2021 — stop talking about what you lack.

My daughter can barely sit through one online class and in many ways I can relate. Growing up, I could barely sit through in-person classes. So, everyday, I share a story with her about a class I enjoyed in an effort to coach her in positivity and help keep her spirits up. She loves hearing stories from when I was a kid so it’s become our thing to do every morning. 

One class from high school that saved my a$$ was a resume writing class. It sounds boring, but it actually helped me believe in myself and my strengths. My teacher explained that a resume is a two-page profile of you for the world. In today’s modern world she explained (this was, of course, before LinkedIn), resumes are how other people build a picture of you. Looking back, this resume writing class was a significant exercise for me in reflecting on, capturing, and communicating my strengths and accomplishment

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