How does your organizational culture need to change to better support young leaders? Ten young changemakers weigh in.

Future of Good’s 2021 Young Impact Leaders share their best tips for supporting youth leadership

Why It Matters

Young people have long been at the forefront of grassroots social change, but their voices are too often ignored in more institutional settings. Shifting organizational culture to better support young leaders could mean more progress for the causes these organizations work toward.

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Young people bring a lot to the table, when it comes to social change. 

Throughout history, youth have led movements that have shifted culture, policy, and legislation toward social progress. But institutionalized social impact work looks a bit different — these organizations are often more susceptible to being stuck in outdated ways of working that value age and professional experience over youth voices. Shifting that narrative and valuing the contributions of young people could present major opportunities for social change organizations to fulfill their mandates. 

So, Future of Good asked 10 young changemakers who’ve worked to clear hurdles — from our 2021 list of Young Impact Leaders — for one big idea on shifting organiza

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