Tax credits could solve funding issues for Alberta’s non-profit sector: Danielle Smith

Sector wants “one window” from which to access government

Why It Matters

Voting is an important vehicle for social change. Giving non-profits the best information about party platforms helps voters make informed decisions.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"Tax credits could solve funding issues for Alberta\u2019s non-profit sector: Danielle Smith. A highway in Alberta. Photo: Chris Henry On the eve of the provincial election, Alberta premier Danielle Smith floated the idea of a volunteerism tax credit, donation matching and retention payments, but made no new funding promises for the province\u2019s non-profit sector. The United Conservative Party leader sat down with Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations\u00a0CEO Karen Ball for an online discussion about the non-profit sector on May 25. Ball began the online session by outlining five key areas where non-profit organizations are looking for change, including a workforce strategy, better data, an \u201cempowered\u201d sector and streamlined access to gov

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