TED charged $10,000 for a ticket to a digital event. How did they do it?

An indisputable fact: TED Talks changed how ideas spread. 

From eight to eighty-year olds, TED Talks stir curiosity. There have been TEDx events in places all over the globe — from a TEDxYouth event in Kelowna, British Columbia catered toward children with high-school students as the speakers, all the way to a TEDx in a Box event in Kliptown, one of the least developed areas of Soweto, a township near Johannesburg, where the event itself did not have (nor need) a constant supply of electricity and connection to the internet.

You may have watched an inspirational TED Talk at your team meeting, you may have a favourite TED Talk, you may have shared one with colleagues around the office, and even if you don’t remember anything from any of the TED Talks you watched, it’s likely that at least one changed you a little bit on the inside, in ways beyond measure. 

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