Tentative ‘celebration’ after key amendments passed on non-qualified donees

“I am incredibly gratified that they saw the light and listened to the sector’s urging and activism,” said Senator Ratna Omidvar of the amendments

Why It Matters

For three weeks, charity and non-profit advocates have pushed MPs to pass amendments to legislation they say would make it harder for charities to fund non-qualified donees. Monday’s finance committee meeting was the moment to see whether their advocacy had paid off.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"Tentative \u2018celebration\u2019 after key amendments passed on non-qualified donees. On Monday, the House of Commons finance committee approved two amendments to the Budget Implementation Act , which sector advocates say alleviate most of their major concerns about how the government is proposing to legislate funding relationships between charities and non-qualified donees.\u00a0 \u201cReally substantial progress has been made,\u201d said Bruce MacDonald, CEO of Imagine Canada, of the amendments. \u201cWe\u2019ll wait and see what the CRA guidance looks like, but it\u2019s pointed in the right direction.\u201d\u00a0 The amendments come on the heels of three weeks of sustained advocacy on this issue, which brought a dozen charity sector representative

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