The 3 Hidden Benefits of Coworking Spaces

As the future of work evolves, so do today's co-working spaces.

Why It Matters

Surveys have shown that workers are spending more time than ever in their co-working spaces, and it seems like shared offices are popping up everywhere across Canada. But with more options than ever, coworking office owners need to do more in order to forge connections and spark innovation in new ways. We dive into several methods leading coworking initiatives are using to bring innovation to new faces in new places.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"The 3 Hidden Benefits of Coworking Spaces. In the world of work in 2019 and beyond, speedy internet connections and ergonomic chairs are a given. But as coworking spaces expand to new cities and become increasingly available, how do coworking spaces differentiate themselves and evolve to serve a broader set of needs? Victoria Landreville, director of community engagement at Ottawa-based coworking space Coworkly, sees the future of competitive advantage in community building. \u201cWe don\u2019t take everybody here,\u201d says Landreville firmly. \u201cWe want people who are positive and contributing and who bring a good spirit to the space. This has been our focus from the beginning and it\u2019s really paid off.\u201d \u00a0 Building Communities with D

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