The last national survey of Canadian non-profits and voluntary organizations was 20 years ago. Why has this information been missing?

“It’s hard to push for investment or public policy change when you’re invisible.”

Why It Matters

Despite the current government encouraging evidence-based policymaking, non-profit and voluntary organizations were last surveyed nationally in 2003. Without robust, up-to-date information on the state of the sector, funding outcomes, staffing and community impact, non-profits can’t gather the evidence or data required to advocate for policy change.

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TORONTO / TREATY 13 – For the non-profit sector, getting sidelined or ignored by federal-level policies has been an ongoing challenge.

“Assistance brought in following the 2008 economic downturn did not include non-profits,” says Cathy Barr, vice president of research and strategic relationships at Imagine Canada. So, in 2020, when the government announced the wage subsidy during COVID-19, Barr and others in the sector campaigned relentlessly to ensure that the govern

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