The LGBTQ Community Capacity Fund is a lifeline for Canada’s frontline queer and trans services. It’s about to expire.

Women and Gender Equality Canada said a new fund for LGBTQ service organizations is forthcoming, but there is no clear timeline – and it may not be for capacity-building.

Why It Matters

Many LGBTQ services are run by volunteers or a handful of staff members. In order to provide robust services to queer and trans Canadians, they need sustainable funding.

Canada’s first federal fund to help frontline LGBTQ+ services with capacity-building costs is set to expire at the end of March 2022 – and the recipient of its largest single grant says the results for LGBTQ communities will be catastrophic if it isn’t extended immediately.

The LGBTQ Community Capacity Fund offered $15 million in grants to 76 LGBTQ service organizations who needed money for salaries, administrative costs, or internal projects. In Newfoundland and Labrador, the Fund paid for better HR management at the Quadrangle LGBTQ Community Centre. It helped launch a Canada-wide community networking campaign for Gender Creative Kids Canada, helped develop workshops at the Rainbow Coalition of Yellowknife, and advocacy efforts by the 2 Spirits in Motion Foundation.  

Tyler Boyce, the executive director of the Enchanté Network, an organization that connects L

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