The Top 10 Insights We Took Home From True North

In the world of tech for good, do the current opportunities outweigh the challenges?

Why It Matters

At True North Waterloo, top leaders at the crossroads of tech and social impact came together to discuss the opportunities and challenges in the field.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"The Top 10 Insights We Took Home From True North. True North kicked off its two-day series of #techforgood chats on Wednesday, June 19. Over the course of the conference, during talks with innovators in tech, foundations, organizations, and social enterprises, several trends and tensions emerged. In order to meet and harness society\u2019s rapid pace of change, the tech community could use help truly bringing everyone to the table \u2014 including Indigenous peoples, youth, women, and minorities. If we don\u2019t have proper representation, bias and injustices find their way into all of the digital systems that get built, and we leave untapped, innovative potential on the table. At True North, we also saw that data has the power to tackle some of the world\

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