Throne Speech scorecard: What grade do social impact leaders give Trudeau’s plan?

It was “the most progressive speech heard in a generation,” but is it enough?

Why It Matters

Demand for social impact organizations’ services is rising dramatically, from food banks to employment support to mental healthcare. The federal government outlined an ambitious recovery plan in its Throne Speech last week, but without committing to more support for the social impact sector, its scope is limited.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"Throne Speech scorecard: What grade do social impact leaders give Trudeau\u2019s plan?. Few outside of the social impact world likely zeroed in on this phrase in the Trudeau government\u2019s Speech from the Throne last Wednesday: Governor General Julie Payette said the government would create 1 million jobs \u201cby using a range of tools, including direct investments in the social sector.\u201d Still, beyond that, there were very few mentions of the non-profit, philanthropic, co-operative or social finance sectors. While the government did commit to addressing many of the issues these sectors work on \u2014\u00a0affordable housing, Indigenous rights, and gender equity, to name just a few \u2014\u00a0many in the world of social impact say it missed an opport

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