Time for Atlantic Canadians to create generative and democratic social finance ecosystem

Common Good Solutions and partners usher in the inaugural Atlantic Social Impact Exchange Summit Sept. 25-27

Why It Matters

Atlantic Canada isn't a passive observer in the national discourse on social innovation and finance – it's leading the way. It is critical that we assert ourselves, amplify our voices, and unite to shape what social finance and social innovation look like in our region.

I believe that people can and do make a difference in the lives of their communities. I believe that people are the experts in their own challenges and, therefore, should be the architects of the solutions. And I believe that Atlantic Canadians are mobilized and ready to create a generative, democratic, and Atlantic Canadian social finance ecosystem. 

Individuals and companies will deploy a whopping $755 million into social impact activities in the next 10 years. An opportunity to move the dial on complex challenges, getting capital to where it needs to be to catalyze change.

But who will access it if those on the ground, making the change (and dealing with the current crisis), are drowning in the capacity crunch of under-resourced and over-extended social purpose organizations? Are we really investing in new solutions? And if they are not

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