Could Canada’s Cannabis Companies Reimagine Corporate Citizenship?

We're currently at a tipping point

Why It Matters

Legalizing cannabis in Canada is more than a cultural shift. The changing legal status will transform cannabis into a multibillion-dollar industry in the next decade. As the old adage goes, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Put through an impact lens, that means: with huge industry growth comes huge corporate citizenship potential.

Recently, I attended an energetic, funny, and insightful event on cannabis. It featured comedian and author Chelsea Handler and was produced by Civilized, a fast-growing cannabis lifestyle brand led by Canadian Derek Riedle. The event and my conversation with Derek illuminated exciting questions on the corporate citizenship potential of cannabis companies, something to watch over the next decade.

The Backdrop

Not often does one get to witness the birth of a new industry in Canada. The global cannabis market is expected to be worth more than $150 billion by 2025. The cannabis industry is projected to be one of Canada’s high-value (yes, pun intended) and fastest-growing sectors in the next decade, contributing a notable chunk to the country’s GDP. We also host the World Cannabis Congress in New Brunswick every year bringing together government, business, academics, NGOs,

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