How building stronger team dynamics boosts organizational resilience

A leadership coach explains why having tough conversations will get your organization through the pandemic and beyond

Why It Matters

During the coronavirus pandemic, many social change organizations are grappling with how to adapt to the new normal. For some, investing in leadership training has been key in fostering the resilience needed to thrive during these unprecedented times. This is our first story in a series with Innoweave.

Amid a global pandemic and a summer of racial reckoning that have led to major shifts in everyday life, some social impact organizations are prioritizing leadership training in an effort to catalyze resilience. 

“It’s not about the [organizational transformation] work, it’s about the people doing the work,” says Saralyn Hodgkin, a leadership coach and consultant who works with social impact organizations. “You can have the best financial plan, cash flow statements, and strategic plan, but if you don’t have an aligned, integrated high-performing team that is in relationship with one another, the work doesn’t get done.”

According to leadership expert Cy Wakeman, employees across a range of sectors spend over two hours per day per person on “drama” such as complaints and arguments with colleagues – a luxury many organizations simply


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