Transparency and localization: How social impact organizations can keep Canada on track to implement the SDGs

Having good data and leaders able to tackle sustainability will help organizations keep themselves accountable

Why It Matters

No legal accountability measures exist within the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development to ensure Canada follows through on implementing the SDGs. Civil society’s priorities around human development, gender equality, and climate action could guard against shifting government priorities.

At the UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) summit in September of 2019, world leaders in attendance came to a sobering realization — they were falling very far short of accomplishing some of these goals. 

The 2020 SDG report by UN Secretary-General António Gutteres points to some progress in 2019, just four years after all 193 UN member-states adopted the SDGs. Global poverty and child mortality rates were dropping. More of the world’s population now has access to electricity. Countries were developing sustainable development policies and signing environmental protection agreements. 

“In other areas, however, progress had either stalled or been reversed;” Gutteres’ report continues, “the number of people suffering from hunger was on the rise; climate change was occurring much faster than anticipated; and inequality continued to increase within and among

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