Canada’s Cabinet ministers will prioritize climate change, reconciliation, and systemic inequities. Here are the details.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s new mandate letters to his Cabinet are essential reading for social impact organizations looking to align their operations with government priorities.

Why It Matters

Mandate letters are a window into a Prime Minister’s thinking, and Trudeau appears committed to many of the same priorities Canada’s social impact sector is fighting for: more funding to tackle systemic inequities from food security to poverty to broadband access.

Each of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s mandate letters to his Cabinet ministers on Dec. 13 opens with a blunt, frank assessment of Canada’s most existential crises. 

The COVID-19 pandemic leads the pack (“Canadians…entrusted us to finish the fight against COVID-19”) but Trudeau weaves in the alarming effects of climate change (“…an existential threat”), the discovery of unmarked graves and burial sites at former residential schools (“…reconciliation cannot come without truth”), and Canada’s ongoing injustices (“…the profound systemic inequities and disparities that remain present in the core fabric of our society.”)

“Our platform lays out an ambitious agenda,” Trudeau writes. “While finishing the fight against the pandemic must remain our central focus, we must continue building a strong middle class and work towards a b

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