Ukrainians fleeing war are arriving in Canada. Here’s how community service organizations can be a lifeline for them – and everyone else needing safety

Resettlement agencies, food banks, and affordable housing providers are already struggling amid the pandemic. Can they continue to help refugees from Ukraine and elsewhere?

Why It Matters

Refugees are among the most vulnerable people in Canadian society – and can remain so for years after their arrival.

Ukraine’s current refugee crisis is massive.

Within three weeks of an all-out Russian invasion of the Eastern European nation, roughly three million Ukrainians – triple the population of Ottawa – had fled. It is the worst refugee crisis within Europe since the end of the Second World War. Yet it still pales in comparison to the scale of global displacement around the world.

There are anywhere between 55 to 60 million refugees around the world. Abdulla Daoud, executive director of The Refugee Centre in Montreal, lists off just a few. “There’s the Syrian crisis and the Yemeni crisis that’s still ongoing,” he begins. “There’s the Afghani crisis that’s still ongoing. There’s the Bosnian crisis that’s still ongoing. There are different crises going on throughout Africa – the Eritrean crisis. People claiming refugee status due to their political stat

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