Webinar: Serving the Most Vulnerable

Future of Good Webinar Series
var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"Webinar: Serving the Most Vulnerable. On April 7, 2020 we brought a panel together to answer: how do we build systems for care and support when the world is\u00a0forced into going digital and those we serve don\u2019t have access? Panelists included: Maureen James \u2013 Community Investment Program Manager \u2013\u00a0 CIRA Deirdre Gibson \u2013\u00a0 Orillia Christian Centre o\/a The Lighthouse. Project: Building Hope Nasma Ahmed \u2013 Director,\u00a0 Digital Justice Lab Joanna Kerr \u2013 CEO,\u00a0 Tides Canada Landon Hoyt \u2013\u00a0 Director,\u00a0 Binners\u2019 Project Janet Fitzsimmons \u2013 Manager, Grassroots Leadership Strategies,\u00a0 Connected Communities Miss the webinar? Watch it here: \u00a0 Resources from the webinar: Gran

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