Webinar: Serving the Most Vulnerable

Future of Good Webinar Series

These are uncertain times. Sharing our direct knowledge of our experiences is crucial for us all to work smart during the coming months.

Over the next three months, we’re bringing the content of Future of Good to life with engaging and informative webinars, always starting at 12:00 pm ET (9:00 AM PT.)

These one-hour conversations will help you navigate the changing landscape with confidence and learn from the impact of other organizations while mastering your understanding of new developments shaping the social sector.


April 7: Serving the most vulnerable.

How do we build systems for care and support when the world is forced into going digital and those we serve don’t have access? Join Future of Good and panelists from Tides Canada and the Canadian Internet Registry Authority (CIRA) as we discuss this important issue.

Join us for an engaging panel discussion moderated by Future of Good CEO and Publisher, Vinod Rajasekaran.




Maureen James – Community Investment Program Manager – CIRA

Maureen James manages the Community Investment Program at the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA), which funds innovative community internet projects to build a resilient, trusted and secure internet for all Canadians. Her background is in fundraising, grantmaking and strategy development with non-profits internationally and here in Canada.


Deirdre Gibson – Orillia Christian Centre o/a The Lighthouse. Project: Building Hope:

Deirdre has worked for more than 25 years with ethnic, religious and fraternal communities to help them achieve their goals of creating environments for their members. This work has included reports relating to not just the bricks and mortar but the organizational structures to turn an address into a home. By providing guidance and practical advice Deirdre has been able to empower volunteers to meet the challenges of zoning, political opposition, fiscal constraints, achieving financing and cutting through red tape thus leading to the construction of more than 70 separate buildings throughout southern Ontario.


Nasma Ahmed – Director, Digital Justice Lab

Nasma Ahmed is the Director of the Digital Justice Lab, an initiative focused on building a more just and equitable digital future. Digital Justice Lab is a Tides Canada Shared Platform project.





Joanna Kerr – CEO, Tides Canada

Joanna Kerr is the Chief Executive Officer of Tides Canada, an organization dedicated to providing uncommon solutions for the common good by helping Canadians secure a healthy environment in ways that promote social equity and economic prosperity. 




Landon Hoyt –  Director, Binners’ Project 

Landon Hoyt is the Director of the Binners’ Project, a grassroots group of waste-pickers aided by support staff dedicated to improving their economic opportunities, and reducing the stigma they face as informal recyclable collectors. The Binners’ Project is a Tides Canada Shared Platform project.



Janet Fitzsimmons – Manager, Grassroots Leadership Strategies, Connected Communities 
Janet FItzsimmons has over 20 years of local grassroots community development experience. She draws upon this experience to develop grassroots strategies that foster autonomy, build connection and amplify the voices and experiences of grassroots leaders. Connected Communities is a Tides Canada Shared Platform project. 





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May 1: Does the non-profit and charitable model we have really work? When we need our infrastructure the most, during an economic downturn, charities and non-profits are at their weakest. Is this model, tied to the economy, the right one to support our most vulnerable communities when they need it?