“I don’t believe in the word ‘recovery’”: What you missed at Future of Good’s women’s economic resilience summit

Exploring nuanced topics on feminist funding, holistic social policies, making language accessible, community building, and more

Why It Matters

As Canada’s social impact world reflects on how the pandemic has slowed economic progress and gender equity, the conversation shouldn’t only be about recovering –– but reimaging a world where women and gender expansive people can thrive.

Sherlyn Assam’s work on this story is made possible by the Future of Good editorial fellowship on women’s economic resilience, supported by Scotiabank, who was also the lead sponsor of the Women’s Economic Resilience Summit. See our editorial ethics and standards here.

Future of Good’s inaugural summit on Women’s Economic Resilience kicked off with a plenary reflecting on women and gender-diverse people as the forerunners of reciprocity work within their communities –– providing for themselves where the government falls short became a recurring theme over the course of the summit.

“Women have always been on the frontlines,” said Cynthia Eyakuze, Equality Fund’s co-vice president of Global Programs, who spoke about feminist movements. “They bear the brunt of these crises.

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