We're hiring: News and Features Writer

Why It Matters

The world is changing more quickly and more dramatically than ever before. We're looking for someone to join us who understands how these economic and societal changes are affecting non-profits, charities, social enterprises, and foundations today and finds these topics as intriguing as they are consequential.

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Our mission is to enrich Canada’s changemakers with smart coverage of the social impact world. Our 2500+ subscribers are impact-oriented professionals, executives and entrepreneurs from across the country. We equip them with insights, analysis, and commentary so they can stay current, stay knowledgeable and make brave transitions into a new era of impact. We are a growing team of curious and passionate folks dedicated to helping changemakers flourish.


As a News and Features Writer, your responsibilities would include both pitching stories and taking assignments, working closely with our Editor. You’ll provide in-depth insights, analysis, and reporting, covering a range of topics such as tech for good, social services, giving and philanthropy, future of work, social finance, and more. 

A new era of impact is emerging. Social impact is decolonizing. It’s becoming actively anti-racist, not just passively inclusive. It’s moving to the online world. It’s being funded in entirely new ways. It’s becoming data-conscious. It’s incorporating climate justice, not as an afterthought, but as a central mandate. Developing fresh ways to look at these developments and translating them into interesting, provocative medium-form articles is the creative challenge of this role. You’ll also cover news with a particular focus on Western Canada and the Territories, responding to developments and announcements in the social impact world. You’ll write news stories on tight deadlines to keep our audience informed and up to date. 

The ideal candidate will embody an entrepreneurial spirit, a passion for Future of Good’s mission and have the following skills:

  • Experience covering and constant curiosity about all things social impact related
  • Demonstrated ability to research, report, write, and edit a range of in-depth stories and to spot important stories and trends
  • Strong interviewing skills 
  • Proven attention to detail on fact checking and copy editing
  • Experience in using different digital formats in storytelling
  • Positive attitude and ability to thrive in high-pressure startup environments
  • A minimum of two years of experience contributing (full-time or freelance) for a print or digital publication

To apply please submit a resume, three to five samples of your journalistic work (published or unpublished), and two pitches for stories you’d like to write for Future of Good (see our pitching guidelines here). 

Please send your resume, published writing links and pitches to Kylie Adair at info@futureofgood.co.

Type: Part-time, 20-25 hours per week

Location: Anywhere in Canada. Priority will be given to those in Northern communities, and Western or Coastal provinces.

Compensation approach: Minimum monthly salary available is $2,000/month with benefits. Our approach to compensation is a listening, co-shaping conversation with you. We want to discuss compensation with you to make sure we get it right.

Application Deadline: January 28th, 2022